3rd August 2013

Photoset with 15 notes

Some sketches to make sure paski and garmair are visually distinct from each other.

Garmair can open their mouths considerably wider than paski can; think of how a dog yawns versus a horse. I have quite a few non-scanned sketches of Radon with tons of loose skin around his cheeks and neck like Bindi has; I like that better than how tight-skinned he is in these pages, though I may continue to fiddle with that. Paski skin tends to be pretty tight, especially in the hot-climate subspecies.

Garmair torsos also resemble human torsos, though flatter-chested and more lightly-muscled. And they are digitigrade. Paski are based on brown capuchin monkeys, and are ungulates.

I’m trying to get a solid design for Nuh. She needs to resemble her brother, Cuneyt Kayahan, but also be distinct. In my first-ever drawing of her, her face came out pretty round. I like that look, so she’s probably about ten pounds heavier than Cuneyt, and an inch shorter (she’s male-to-female, so she’s got male proportions). I’ll have to draw her a bit more before I’m satisfied.

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